DENTYZION | dental technology and digital marketing consultants

Dentyzion, LLC, was founded in January 2014 by two 4th year University of Michigan dental students--Kevin Kuo and Mikhail Garibov. They were later joined by two other Michigan dental students: Daniel Hammaker (D4) and Shalini Kamodia (D3). They share a passion in dentistry and technology while being dental students and hope to better the profession once they begin private practice in the future.

Dentyzion is an unique dental consulting company--the first of its kind. It aims to bridge the gap between technology and dentistry through innovative technological solutions for traditional and non-traditional dental problems. The company, in other words, consults with a variety of clients (i.e. dentists, academia, & software and hardware companies) to develop existing dental technologies in new applications or to adapt non-dental technologies in dentistry. Dentyzion is unique in its focus on technological innovations rather than informational technology.